Recent Mammal Sightings:
07-Jan-2018 Harbour SealPhoca vitulina 1 Ciaran Dunne Bull Wall 
26-Dec-2017 Harbour SealPhoca vitulina 9 Ciaran Dunne the Point 
19-Dec-2017 Harbour SealPhoca vitulina 2 Ciaran Dunne Sutton Creek 
12-Dec-2017 Harbour SealPhoca vitulina 15 Ciaran Dunne the Point 
10-Dec-2017 Harbour SealPhoca vitulina 1 Ciaran Dunne Sutton Creek 

Recent Butterfly Sightings:
26-Sep-2017 Red AdmiralVanessa atalanta 2 Niall T Keogh Causeway 
23-May-2017 Speckled WoodPararge aegeria 2 Tom Cooney Southern end 
DISTURBANCE REPORTS of activities inconsistent with the Nature Reserve status of the island. These activities can harm or damage protected habitats and/or species. PHOTOS
DateActivityNumberImpact onLocation
27-Apr-2017 Bait diggers with dogs 5 Birds,  , Invetebrates,  , EU Annex I habitat(s),   Wooden Bridge 
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